Client Testimonials

Lantern Capital Advisors Client Testimonials

Lantern Capital Advisors serves as a trusted business advisor for our clients exploring financing alternatives, seeking capital, or investigating exit strategies. Read more about what our clients say about us and the work that we do.

Situation:  A division manager wanted to buy his division from the owner who was having financing challenges with the bank...

How We Helped:  Lantern Capital Advisors helped the manager negotiate the purchase price and terms of the buyout and secured $7 million to finance it.  Today the manager owns a sizable share of the Company's equity.  He, along with his management team and selling owner, also have the opportunity to obtain majority ownership control if the Company meets 80% of its stated income goals over the next five years.

Situation:  Owners of a growing software and services company were interested to explore financing alternatives to fund faster growth as well as take capital out of the business...

How We Helped:  Lantern Capital Advisors helped the company secure a variety of financing alternatives that ranged from bank debt financing of $3 million (without personal guarantees) to variety of specialty debt and equity financing solutions that ranged from $5 million to $25 million.