Raising Growth Capital | Capital Raising For Growing Companies

Raising Growth Capital | Capital Raising for Growing Companies

Financing Challenges For Growing Companies

Lantern Capital Advisors is a corporate financial consulting firm and capital advisor for growing companies.  As corporate financial consultants, we specialize in helping growing companies develop plans and raise growth capital in order to fund their growth, perform management buyouts or leveraged buyouts, make acquisitions, or refinance corporate debt.  

Lantern’s clients are growth companies that typically have the need to raise capitalcomplete a business plan, or understand their financial strategy or financing alternatives.  As corporate financial advisors, Lantern Capital Advisors specializes in quickly finding financing alternatives that allow owners and managers to maintain control of their company and preserve equity while delivering financing for their business.

Many growing private companies operate in crisis mode when it comes to corporate finance and corporate financial planning.  Needs like a shortage of capital, a lender wants out, an opportunity to buy out a partner, or acquisition opportunity appear suddenly.  The challenge for entrepreneurs and CFOs is to figure out what financing alternative are best for their team, when they have little, if any, financing experience beyond dealing with the local bank.  Typically they need a solution - the best solution- in a very limited, if not critically limited, amount of time. 

For a company that has already achieved some success, the learning curve to raise capital can be time consuming and expensive.  Much of the lack of information is caused by the capital markets itself, which rewards and compensates bankers and investors based on leading companies towards one solution over another.  As a result, bankers may recommend a less than ideal solution simply to get the highest finder's fee, maximize a commission, or gain the biggest ownership interest in a company.  Taken collectively, these conflicts short change the growing company that needs GREAT advice the most, or the company that needs financing in the shortest amount of time.

Lantern Capital Advisors quickly finds appropriate growth capital financing solutions for our clients.  We use a proven methodology in order to source capital and negotiate financing terms that satisfy both our clients and financial institutions. Over half of Lantern's growth capital raising engagements involve financing amounts over $10 million.  We take no equity or warrant positions in our clients.  

Lantern Capital Advisors raises both debt and equity on behalf of our clients.  Our ultimate objective is to ensure that our clients don’t give up control of their business to outside investors in order to support growth.  We help our clients transform their business to high growth enterprises with high multiple valuations.  We are repeatedly selected by our clients to work for them again, because they trust that our insight and value for raising capital, and corporate financial consulting differentiate us from our competition.