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Eureka! A Better Way To Raise Capital

What’s the old saying, “Adversity brings innovation”? As the financial markets began to unravel, many financial institutions stopped making new investments, those that were lending and investing were constantly changing their investment parameters. In order to give clients (and ourselves) peace of mind, we reengineered our approach to capital raising and found not only a solution for a challenging market, but a process that likely works best in any market.

Eureka! A Better Way To Raise Capital And Explore Financing Alternatives White Paper

Download "Eureka! A Better Way To Raise Capital and Explore Financing Alternatives". September 2009

Raising Capital Creative Financing Trends 2015

Abstract:  Innovations and trends continue to develop which improve financing alternatives for established, entrepreneurial companies. These include continued new product innovation, increasing nationwide competition, bigger disparities between banks, and increased funding for owners’ personal liquidity (cash dividends). Each of these trends is discussed below and illustrated with a recent example.

Raising Capital Creative Financing Trends

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10 Strategies To Raise Capital Effectively

Abstract:  Given their job title, private company CFOs are often expected to be able to raise capital for their company, yet many feel unprepared or under qualified. This white paper addresses the steps necessary to effectively manage the capital raising process. By utilizing these guidelines, CFOs from all levels of experience can become decisive leaders that serve the best interests of their company and its owners while potentially creating more wealth for themselves and their management team.

10 Strategies To Raise Capital Effectively

Download "10 Strategies To Raise Capital Effectively". September 2009

Investment Banking Fees Examined

Abstract:  Small and mid‐sized companies looking to raise capital intuitively turn to investment banks for help. In fact, many growing companies view working with a well known investment bank as an attractive milestone related to their Company’s success and future potential. However, CFOs should be aware of the significant fees involved, and more importantly conflicts of interest which can undermine the best interests of the Company. This white paper describes investment banking services and fees, common conflicts of interests, and suggests an alternative approach that has worked well in other professions.

Investment Banking Fees Examined White Paper 2011

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