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Partnering with Lantern Capital Advisors, Investment Banking Alternative:

partnering with Lantern Capital Advisors

Lantern Capital Advisors Partners with Accounting Firms, Law Firms, and Wealth Advisors to raise capital for their clients.  Based in Atlanta, GA, we are an independent corporate financial planning consulting firm succeeding in developing business plans and securing attractive growth capital for entrepreneurs and management.  Our hourly based model provides an alternative to investment banking and investment banking brokerage fee structures.

As an alternative to investment banking to raise capital for growing companies, Lantern Capital Advisors partners with accounting firms, wealth advisors, and law firms to raise capital for clients.  As an hourly based consulting firm, Lantern’s services to raise capital are an investment banking alternative and a perfect compliment to any service providers existing relationships.

Because of our experience and unique approach to client engagements and raising capital, Lantern Capital Advisors is ideally positioned to work with a variety of complementary service providers, as an alternative to utilizing a business broker, or investment banker.  Lantern is well suited to working with accounting firms and wealth advisory firms which have client needs that go beyond available resources or conflicts with their current client roles and engagements.

The experience of our firm and hourly based approach is a very appealing and low risk way for all parties to work together for the benefit of our clients.

Comprehensive Business Plans and Prioritized Strategies

We specialize in the development of comprehensive business plans intended to generate significant value for both owners and investors. Our business plans are easily understood and contain the essential information necessary to attract selective investors and institutions.

Investing institutions must believe that the Company’s business plan is both strategic and attainable.  To illustrate to investors the viability of the Company’s capacity to grow, the business plan must include historical and projected financials.

We write comprehensive business plans that contain a prioritized growth strategy.  We ensure that our business plans are attainable and the capital requirement is realistic.  We analyze the many methods available in the capital markets to help finance the growth of a business.  We help management determine the financing option that best positions the company for the future.

Identify Investors

We have relationships and primarily targets financial institutions that know our work, solicit our plans, and are interested in investing in specific market sectors. This ensures that our business plans are welcomed and read by a wide range of financial institutions. In short, institutions are anxious to hear from us and invest in our clients.  We pre-qualify investors and banking institutions before sending out business plans.

We maintain solid relationships with the largest financial institutions in the world.  We build on and establish relationships in markets where our clients have a presence during the engagement.  We ensure that the business plans we send to investors and institutions will receive attention from the right people.

Financing proposals and term sheets for growing companies can vary substantially. Competition amongst institutions ensures that our clients will receive the best financing terms available in the capital markets.

Secure Financing

Lantern Capital Advisors has a well-defined, proven capital raising process.  We have completed business plans and received term sheets within one month of starting an engagement.  However, most of our clients, due to the time constraints of running a business, typically take four to six months to complete the funding process (Due diligence pace, set by financing sources, average 45 days).  Knowing this, our work plans are tied to specific tasks, and our process can match the speed and pace of our clients.

Our clients are fast growing businesses held back by limited capital.  By engaging our services, we help our clients determine their own capital requirements based on the funding requirements of the growth plan.

We secure financing for our clients from a broad range of private and public financial institutions.  We help companies find and negotiate business financing that minimizes dilution and personal financial liability to the company owners.  We also assist our clients in buying out company shareholders in order to further increase the future value.

Fast • Trusted • Cost Effective


We succeed in developing business plans and securing attractive growth capital for entrepreneurs and businesses.  We help companies quickly understand their Company’s future value and develop a business plan to make that happen.


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Alternative Investment Banking Atlanta

Raising Capital Alternative For High Growth Companies

Based in Atlanta, GA, Lantern Capital Advisors is an independent corporate financial consulting firm and is an alternative to using an investment banker to raise capital. Lantern succeeds in developing comprehensive business plans and raising growth capital for entrepreneurs and management.


Investment Banking Fees Vs. Consulting Fees:  Learn About How We Raise Capital For High Growth Companies

Lantern Capital Advisors Partners With Accounting Firms and Law Firms To Raise Capital For Clients

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We deliver substantial value for our clients by assisting them with:

Corporate Debt Refinance
Owner Liquidity Events
Corporate Financial Planning
Corporate Business Plan
Raising Capital for Growth
Buying Out A Business Partner
MBO Financing Research
Business Strategy Assessment
Acquisition Financing

We use a proprietary planning process to help companies quickly evaluate opportunities, then develop the plans and access the capital to make it happen.  We offer a unique combination of experience, objectivity, and value.


All we do is help growing companies explore, plan, and execute business and financial strategies to realize their potential.  We know the financing sources well.  We connect with them early in the process which allows us to consistently meet or exceed our clients’ expectations.


Fees for most corporate finance advisors are determined by the strategies or products they recommend.  Lantern Capital Advisors works on an hourly consulting basis to raise capital, so clients can always trust our advice and independence because we have no financial incentive to recommend one product, strategy, or financial firm over another.


We deliver our corporate financial planning services using a proprietary planning process that is highly effective, and gives clients peace of mind, consistent results, and delivers substantial value at a fraction of the cost of our (investment bankingcompetition.