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Lantern Capital Advisors specializes in writing business plans that help established, growing companies raise capital from a variety of institutional lenders, funds, and equity firms.  Because we are not a business plan “factory”, our business plans contain the relevant company information and financial models required by lenders and investors in order to make funding decisions.    As business plan consultants, Lantern Capital Advisors writes professional business plans for established growing companies as part of our business planning process to raise capital.  

Our business plan development process does not require that we “start from scratch”.  We are very happy to use the information that a company has previously developed, and can ensure that the final business plan is written professionally, and contains the appropriate financial information that reflects the professional standard expected from institutions and investors.        

Written by experienced business consultants and CPA’s, our typical business plan and Dynamic Financial Planning Process takes two to four weeks to complete prior to sending out to institutions.  Based on the financing required, clients can expect funding in three to six months post project kick off from qualified institutions interested in receiving their plans, and qualified to fund their need.  

Lantern Capital Advisors writes comprehensive business plans that contain a prioritized growth strategy for established businesses.  As corporate financial planning consultants and qualified business advisors, we ensure that the business plans we write for our clients are attainable, and the capital requirement is realistic.  We analyze the many methods available in the capital markets to help finance the growth of a business.  We help management determine the financing option that best positions the company for the future prior to distributing the plan to qualified institutions.  

Business Plan Development Process

Lantern Capital Advisors business plan development process includes working with entrepreneurs and management teams in order to develop and define all aspects of a company’s business planning strategy, including marketing strategy, growth strategy, acquisition strategy, and capital raising strategy.  Our business plans are reflective of a solid performing company that has experience raising capital from  institutions and investors.  

Lantern Capital Advisors writes business plans with financial models and get them funded from institutional lenders, equity firms, and specialty debt providers.  We do this on an hourly consulting basis, and do not take financial positions or equity in our clients.  Because Lantern’s model is based on an hourly consulting approach, our business plans are ideally positioned to enhance the company’s existing plan by using our business plan consultantsand our dynamic financial planning process.  By developing the business plan in conjunction with our dynamic financial planning process, Lantern Capital Advisors ensures that the business plan is relevant to the current market demand before distribution to investors or institutions.  

Investing institutions must believe that the Company’s business plan is both strategic and attainable.  To illustrate to investors the viability of the Company’s capacity to grow, the business plan must include historical and projected financials.  Business plans not only need to tell the story of the company, but need to accurately reflect the current and future financial performance of the company as well as the expected results with the desired financing.  

Lantern Capital Advisors has relationships and primarily targets financial institutions that know our work, solicit our plans, and are interested in investing in specific market sectors.    This ensures that our business plans are welcomed and read by a wide range of financial institutions. In short, institutions are anxious to hear from us and invest in our clients.  Unlike mass business plan writing companies, Lantern Capital Advisors pre-qualifies investors and banking institutions before sending out business plans.  We don’t typically represent start up companies.  We write business plans for companies that require financing to fund growth, acquire companies, execute management buyouts, leveraged buyouts, or refinance corporate debt. 

Three Phases of Raising Capital For Our Clients

Develop Financial Strategy and Plan

We start each engagement by meeting with the client and understanding their business and strategies.  We then create a financial plan.  Once we have created that financial plan, and it is reviewed by the client, we share the financial plan on a ‘no-names’ basis with a few financial institutions we believe will likely want to fund our client’s business.  Our goal is to identify interested institutions very early in the process (ideally in the first couple of weeks). By doing so, we are able to quickly and cost effectively demonstrate to our client that we can deliver them interested funding sources.  

Our goal during this step in our process is to have our clients financing need in front of interested funding sources at an engagement cost that is less than half the upfront retainer charged by most investment bankers and capital brokers.  

Assess Capital Markets

Once we have successfully completed the financial strategy and planning phase, we then (with our client’s permission) access the capital markets in a systematic and effective way.

To do that, we finalize the company business plan, then distribute that business plan to not only those firms that expressed interest earlier in our process, but many others as well. By doing it this way, we enable our clients to ‘play the numbers’ and create competition for funding which can save them millions in financing costs. (As eLoan says,”when banks compete, you win.”)

This approach, which is completely unique to Lantern Capital Advisors has worked consistently well. Since implementing this process, we have delivered financing offers each time we have accessed the capital markets. For a further explanation of our process, please see our White Paper, “Eureka! A Better Way to Raise Capital and Explore Financing Alternatives.”

Analyze, Adjust, Achieve

After funding is complete, we also help our clients achieve their ultimate goals.   With their permission, we help them further use ‘finance’ not only to fund their initiatives but to also make better decisions, and adjust their plans as their business and markets change.

By combining a simple, fee-only approach to raising capital with our proven consulting process, we are able to consistently help clients raise capital with a level of quality and cost that is unmatched by other advisors.