Lantern Capital Advisors Client Characteristics

Typical Client Characteristics

Lantern Capital Advisors helps growing companies raise capital while exploring financing alternatives. Our typical client has a desire to obtain acquisition financing, management buyout financing, growth financing, or a desire to refinance their company debt or replace their existing lender.  We have the most success placing capital with clients that have:

  • Existing Revenues of $5 - $150 Million (or more) with a profitable track record and expectation of future growth and profitable performance.
  • EBITDA greater than $500K+.
  • Financing Need To Raise Capital From $5 Million to $150 Million.  
  • Experienced Management Team.

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Understanding Acquisition Finance

Refinance Company Debt Fast

Abstract:  Shocking headlines from major financial institutions like Merrill Lynch to Fannie Mae, underscore the liquidity shortage that now faces banks and thus operating companies. Many quality companies will get caught in the middle. Detailed below is a fast track process for finding financing alternatives and added peace of mind during these uncertain times.

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Financial Planning Steps For Companies

Financial Planning Steps For High Growth Companies

To most, the words corporate finance or corporate financial planning especially when used in the context of high growth companies is just a fancy way of saying ‘raising capital’. But corporate financial planning plays a key role in unlocking and managing growth that goes far beyond just looking for capital

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Corporate Financial Consulting

Eureka! A Better Way To Raise Capital And Explore Financing Alternatives

What’s the old saying, “Adversity brings innovation”? As the financial markets began to unravel last year, many financial institutions stopped making new investments, and those that were lending and investing were constantly changing their investment parameters. In order to give clients (and ourselves) peace of mind, we reengineered our approach to capital raising and found not only a solution for a challenging market, but a process that likely works best in any market.

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