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Corporate Finance Advisory Services with Lantern Capital Advisors

Lantern’s Unique Approach, Objectivity, and Unmatched Value

Most other financial advisory firms raise capital using an investment banking fee formula, or are a “consulting firm” structuring their financial advisory services through an investment banking company.  Through this approach, the advisory firm is typically paid a large cash fee and receives company stock, or even is weighted towards the referral fees accepted on the back end, or the additional fees tied to the amount or types of capital raised.  The financial advisory firm’s compensation often varies substantially depending on the type and amount of capital raised (i.e. equity vs. debt).  We believe this approach results in excess compensation to the advisor, creates conflicts of interest, and needlessly dilutes the Company’s existing equity holders.

Lantern’s project fees require no additional stock or equity compensation.   Lantern Capital Advisors performs all work on a hourly fee consulting only basis.  Fees are scoped at the project onset.      Our corporate financial advisory services team works alongside our client management team, achieving each milestone to ensure their satisfaction along the way.  Simply put, Lantern Capital Advisors is committed to delivering superior service and guarantees results.  Our success is measured not on fees collected, but on deals getting done.

As corporate finance consultants, Lantern’s ultimate goal is to help our client understand their financing alternatives and secure the best capital solution for their needs. Typically this means identifying the capital source or structure that offers the lowest-cost and maximum liquidity while minimizing ownership dilution and personal financial risk.

Lantern Capital Advisors Financial Advisory Services and Capital Raising

Lantern Capital Advisors is a corporate financial advisory and consulting firm that writes comprehensive business plans with financial models for growing companies and gets them funded from a wide variety of lenders not limited to:  institutional lenders, equity firms, mezzanine debt and specialty debt providers.  Our financial advisory services helps companies overcome the challenges of growth, mergers and acquisitions, management buyouts, and restructuring corporate debt.   We assist our clients with identifying opportunities, and executing corporate finance transactions.

Corporate Financial Advisory Services 

Lantern Capital Advisors team of corporate financial advisory services professionals successfully secure business financing for our clients on an hourly fee consulting basis.  Our typical business plan development process takes two to four weeks to complete prior to distribution to qualified and targeted institutions and funding sources.  Based on the financing required, clients can expect to receive term sheets, negotiate their deal, and achieve funding for their transaction in three to four months post project kick off. 

Lantern Capital Advisors is a corporate financial consulting firm.  Lantern Capital Advisors is not a broker.  Lantern Capital Advisors is not a “finder”.  Lantern Capital Advisors doesn’t bill on a percentage of financing raised basis because we feel that those methods have a way of inflating themselves without the value being delivered in the end.  

Lantern Capital Advisors is not an investment bank.  We don’t raise capital from individuals, nor do we underwrite investments.  Lantern Capital Advisors does not accept referral or broker fees from funds or financing sources we recommend or clients we refer.  We work on behalf of our clients as a corporate finance consultant, and the terms (the best terms) our clients receive reflect the fact that we are not collecting additional fees on the back end from funding sources.     

Once institutions deliver financing proposals to our clients, our financial advisory services team works with our clients to ensure they understand all of the financing solutions presented, analyze the proposals to compare them against one another, negotiate the proposals on behalf of our clients, and consult with our clients throughout due diligence and funding in order to secure the best outcome for the business owner. 

We know we are the best at what we do.  We know our competition can’t beat us.  Our business plans stay on budget.  Our professional fees don't change.  Our billing rates don't change.  Out of pocket expenses are reasonable.  Our clients remain clients throughout their company lifecycle.

What our clients are saying...

I spoke with multiple financial firms about the possibility of conducting a management buyout of a particular division.  Most of them seemed more interested in developing a long term relationship with the parent company than they were in securing the best possible deal for me.  I was then referred to Lantern Capital Advisors and things just clicked.  They listened carefully to my vision for the business and patiently explained every step of the management buyout process.  They met every expedited timeline and used their extensive network to find me the best possible investment group.  I don't know that a deal would have been completed without their guidance.  I would recommend Lantern Capital Advisors to anyone contemplating a similar transaction.”

— JR, CEOConsumer Products Company

“Lantern helped us look at many different types of financing alternatives and helped us find a new capital provider that increased our funding limits and released some of my personal collateral.  As our business began to grow rapidly, Lantern also helped us modify our financing terms with our new capital provider.  Since that time, Lantern has helped us evaluate acquisitions, set long term and short term financial goals and serves as an on-going business financial advisor.  I enjoy working with Lantern and I trust that their team have my best interests at heart.”

— DM, OwnerServices Company

“I spent years doing research and speaking to advisors, investors, and banks.  I could find no support for the kind of management buyout transaction I wanted to do and believed could be done.  That is, until I stumbled upon Lantern Capital Advisors.  Just one phone call to Lantern and I heard the words, "it absolutely can be done!"  Lantern then helped me make it happen.  I will be forever grateful to Lantern Capital Advisors for their counsel, expertise, and hard work in leading us to our goal.”

— DF, CFOFull Service Call Center

“Lantern presented us with financing options far exceeding the traditional bank proposals in the past.  They spent enough time to understand the issues surrounding our need so they could concentrate on the options that would be pertinent to us, significantly reducing our work on the project.  The next time we have a financing need, I am confident I will discuss it with Lantern first.”

— SS, OwnerRetail Services Center

Lantern Capital Advisors delivers substantial value for our clients by assisting them with:

To do this, Lantern accesses  our large network of financing sources in order to help our clients identify and select from a wide variety and competitive funding sources and financing solutions, including: 

  • Commercial Banks
  • Specialty Lenders
  • Vendor/Lease Financiers
  • Private Equity Firms
  • Venture Capital Firms