What If We Want To Sell Our Business To Our Employees?

Selling Business To Employees or Family Members:  

Selling a business interest to a family member or partner is often done with seller notes or insurance products.  Those strategies typically don’t give the seller upfront cash at the time of the sale.  As a result, sellers stay involved in the business in order to protect their interests.  Lantern Capital Advisors helps clients do buyouts where the seller gets upfront liquidity which allows the buyer to gain true operating control.

Learn about how Lantern Capital Advisors helps companies secure Owner Liquidity and Management Buyouts.

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Lantern Capital Advisors uses a proprietary planning consulting process to help companies quickly evaluate opportunities, then develops the plans and accesses the capital to make it happen.  Lantern Capital Advisors offer a unique combination of experience, objectivity, and value.

  • Experience - We are a corporate financial consulting firm.  All we do is help growing companies explore, plan, and execute business and financial strategies to realize their potential.
  • Objectivity - Fees for most corporate finance advisors are determined by the strategies or products they recommend.  As a corporate finance consulting firm, we work on an hourly consulting basis, so clients can always trust our advice.  Our objective is to develop corporate finance strategies and finding financing alternatives that allow owners and management to maintain control of their company and preserve equity.
  • Value - We deliver our corporate financial planning and consulting services using a proprietary planning process that is highly effective, and gives clients and management peace of mind, consistent results, and delivers substantial value at a fraction of the cost of our (investment banking) competition.

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