What If We Had More Capital To Grow Our Business?

Lots of companies have big growth potential but lack the capital to fully implement their plans.  If you want more financing than your bank provides but also want to stay in control of your company and preserve ownership, Lantern Capital Advisors may be able to help.

Lantern Capital Advisors helps companies raise the capital required to grow their business.  Using our proprietary consulting methodology, Lantern helps companies quickly assess the capital need and then accesses the capital markets to source the capital required to fund the business.  

Weekly What If:  What If we could test the capital markets before accessing the markets?

To learn about how we raise growth capital, learn about our growth capital services.

 Lantern Capital Advisors uses a proprietary planning consulting process to help companies quickly evaluate opportunities, then develops the plans and accesses the capital to make it happen.  Lantern Capital Advisors offer a unique combination of experience, objectivity, and value.

  • Experience - We are a corporate financial consulting firm.  All we do is help growing companies explore, plan, and execute business and financial strategies to realize their potential.
  • Objectivity - Fees for most corporate finance advisors are determined by the strategies or products they recommend.  As a corporate finance consulting firm, we work on an hourly consulting basis, so clients can always trust our advice.  Our objective is to develop corporate finance strategies and finding financing alternatives that allow owners and management to maintain control of their company and preserve equity.
  • Value - We deliver our corporate financial planning and consulting services using a proprietary planning process that is highly effective, and gives clients and management peace of mind, consistent results, and delivers substantial value at a fraction of the cost of our (investment banking) competition.

Investment Banking Fees Vs. Consulting Fees:  Learn About How We Raise Capital For High Growth Companies